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Preschool Explorers           8:00-12:00/8:30-12:30

At Little Explorers Preschool we believe that every child learns in their own unique style.  With this in mind we have created an environment where through play children are able to explore, create and learn.  Our curriculum merges Reggio Emilia and Montessori approaches while preparing our children for Kindergarten.  We primarily use our natural outside play space but also have an indoor classroom.  Children build relationships with each other as well as their environment with love and respect. 

Litte ones

Infant - 1yr


For our little ones we offer a convenient morning time slot for parents needing 1 - 5 mornings a week of care.  The little ones can be comforted by our loving care giver Bobbie in our home with their own play space both inside and outside.  We are able to offer fresh pureed foods that are locally grown and organic.  Spaces are very limited for our little ones it is best to get on our waiting list in advance.


1yr - 3yr


For our toddlers we practice learning through play while following our curriculum we allow the children to guide with their interests.  Children are curious learners and by following their cues we can create an environment where the math, science, language etc evolves and changes based on the children's interests.  By doing this we are able to make learning a process of figuring out why for our toddlers.  They will become active learners always curious about finding the answers.


3yrs - 5yrs


We are very excited about what we offer for our preschoolers.  Our outside play space is both open and in the woods with different natural learning stations throughout.  Children will have the freedom to engineer their own tools for music, construction or art. Children will have pretend play in our adorable neighborhood of playhouses, search for the alphabet through the trees, or write a letter to a garden fairy hidden away in the trees.  Knowing that Children all learn differently means that we sculpt learning to the child so that they will be kindergarten ready and love the process of learning.

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